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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Vacation, anyone?

T-minus 11.5 days...and counting. If you're a teacher I know you can relate to that uncontrollable itch that starts to creep in around April or so. (And, no, I'm not talking about the annual outbreak of headlice that comes with t-ball season.) So many times I've heard people say, "Must be nice to get the summers off," and then roll their eyes or something to that effect. But, guess what! If teachers didn't get the summers off, nobody would teach! I'm serious. It is mandatory. I basically think of it as comp time for the 180 days of the year I come in before contract hours, the hundreds of dollars of my own money I spend on my classroom/class, and the many weekends I spend writing lesson plans, designing bulletin boards, and switching my dramatic play center from kitchen, to vet's office, to grocery store, to dental clinic. In all actuality, most teachers don't actually take the summer "off". They spend their time teaching summer lessons and running marching band camps (right, honey?) or taking classes to work toward their master's degree, or starting a new job which means getting a new classroom ready and prepping to teach new curriculum. Okay, I'll step off my soap box now. Anyway, this "itch" has got me thinking about how much I would like a vacation. Our Spring Break was filled with make-up snow days, so we've had a whopping one day of vacation since January. This summer is, of course, crazy and unique for us since we're moving, so I think we'll have to postpone a summer vacay this year. But I found myself thinking back on our Jamaican honeymoon (i.e. Best Vacation EVER) and thought I'd share some of my favorite pics. (P.S. for the LIFE of me I can't figure out how to make pictures be at the bottom of my blog. I don't get it!!!)


Ruth Ann said...

SO SO SO excited for you! Enjoy the last few crazy days with the kiddos. I'm sure you'll be greatly missed in Williamsburg! :)

*a* said...

Once you add the pics to your blog, cut and paste all the coding to the end of your entry and they'll show up at the end!

A Klein said...

Linds - I am SO THERE WITH YOU. I don't think non-teachers can really get it. They all say, "Isn't your day done at THREE?" and they think we've got like a free afternoon and evening or something crazy like that. Psh. Free evening. If it's not greading, it's planning. If it's not planning, it's a meeting. If it's not a meeting, it's some other random responsibility like detention duty or something. Glad we can understand each other anyway. LOVE YOU!