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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bears, Bears, and More Bears

The past three weeks of kindergarten have been devoted to the theme of Bears. We have learned about real bears and pretend bears and done really cool activities throughout. Tomorrow the culmination of the bears unit will be celebrated by the highly-anticipated Teddy Bear Party. In preparation for this event, I have been pulling the kids one-by-one over to my desk to do a Teddy Bear interview. Basically it's just a sheet I fill out for them based on answers to questions about themselves and the chosen bear. I ask them how old they are and then how old their teddies are, what their favorite food is and then what their teddy's favorite food get the idea. In general, the responses have been pretty basic, but you always have those two or three kids who catch you off guard with something hilarious.
When one girl was asked, "What's your favorite game?" It was an automatic, "Candyland" response. But when asked, "What's your teddy's favorite game?" she had to think for a minute. Finally she said, "Chess."
I asked another girl, "Who's your favorite person?" "My mommy," she said. "Who's your bear's favorite person?" "God."
Now, when asking these questions I tried to use the bear's given name as much as possible in an attempt to add that "personal" touch. This was all well and good until I asked one little guy his bear's name and he made a buzzing noise. I said, "Oh, why did you name your bear that?" He told me his bear is dressed in a bumble bee suit. Yeah. So, for the whole ten questions I had to try to use "Bzzzz" in the third person. The same kid also told me his bear's favorite t.v. show is, "Recording to Jim."
Well, needless to say, tomorrow is bound to be a fun-filled day! I'll keep you posted!


Ruth Ann said...

I can't wait to hear more about the teddies!! You're such a good teacher!

*a* said...

I think the funniest thing about this is not the kids, but rather the fact that one of your activities is a Teddy Bear Interview. LOVE IT!